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Started back in 2011, CI Trade Group was started with big dreams and a strong belief in our capabilities. Eleven years later, we can proudly stand toe-to-toe with almost any business enterprise in the world in the investment sector. We associate our success to our ability to adapt to changing situations and scenarios in the world and to our knack of continuing to make shrewd and timely decisions to bring the most value to our valued investors and clients. The establishment of this online investment portal in 2018 is another step in this direction with the idea to open up investment opportunities all around the globe. We, as a company, have always adopted a policy of never trusting on our laurels and this is why are always on the lookout for opportunities to propel ourselves further forward. We believe that this website can help our company find further success while also reflecting our company’s policies, mission and objectives to the fullest extent possible.

Why Choose CI Trade Group?

CI Trade Group does not require you to be a trading master or a financial expert.
The task for your deposit to be multiplied is in the ability of the organizations employees.

  • FOR 15 DAYS
  • minimum : $10
  • maximum : $100,000
UP TO 160%
  • minimum : $500
  • maximum : $100,000
UP TO 250%
  • minimum : $500
  • maximum : $100,000
UP TO 600%
  • minimum : $500
  • maximum : $100,000

CI Trade Group has a very forward-thinking approach and has always adopted a very flexible business philosophy which has helped us tap into different sectors of the investment sector with great success. We have never limited ourselves, and our investors as a result, to a formulaic approach to investments and this innovative approach and attitude has served us wonderfully in our eleven-year history. With the establishment of an online investment portal, we have continued our approach of not standing still and of continuing to look at opportunities which will help the company grow further. Our mission with the launch of the online portal for investment is to gain access to the entire globe as far as investment opportunities go. The world is a changing place and analysing patterns and finding the right investment opportunities in different parts of the world can help us expand our profile and diversify our portfolio at the same time. We believe in transparency in our operations and will continue to display the professionalism and steadfast approach to investments that has helped us post record growth in the past eleven years!

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CI Trade Group

Unit 4 Stirling Courtyard,
Stirling Way, Borehamwood

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hotline:+44.079 3592 6823

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