Why Facebook & Instagram Have Been Failing


Over the last 7 months, Meta, the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, has fallen by 52%. What’s going on? What has caused Facebook to tank in the markets so heavily? Is it related to the Metaverse? Has TikTok proved too strong as competition for the two apps? Is Instagram worse off, or Facebook? What is Mark Zuckerberg doing to stop the decline?

This video will cover, Why Facebook \u0026 Instagram Have Been Failing

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Also, the idea for this video was inspired by \”SomeOrdinaryGamers\” who posted a video on a similar topic in February 2022 titled \”Facebook Is Finally Dying…\” You can watch his version here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icSvHRcDO5o

Facebook stock price has fallen by over 50 in only seven months. What’S going on well, let’s begin by looking at the day on which this price decline
began. The second of february 2022, when the parent company of facebook and instagram lost 230 billion dollars of value in less than 24 hours. Just to
give you an idea about how much money 230 billion dollars is, the total gdp of new zealand, being the value of every single product or service
produced by the entire country for the whole year was only 210 billion, which is less than what facebook lost In a day, so what went wrong on this
fateful day in february, when meta set the record for the highest one-day value decline in stock market history? To put it simply, this was the day on
which facebook revealed to the public that both their site, usage and revenue has been declining shown on screen is a graph displaying the amount of
daily active facebook users over the last 10 years for every quarter. Besides the first three months of the pandemic, growth in the facebook user base
was almost strangely consistent

As opposed to daily facebook users, the data is similar, only 0.1 growth from october to january 0.8 from january to april, and then even a decline
of 0.07 percent from april to july. Surprisingly or perhaps, unsurprisingly, instagram follows a similar trend to facebook, nothing but growth from
2015 until 2021, at which point stagnation hits. Why well the first reason behind facebook and instagram’s user growth. Stagnation is somewhat of an
impressive problem

Of these 5 billion remaining 1.7 billion living countries such as china, iran and russia, where facebook and instagram have been banned by the
government, leaving only 3.3 billion who aren’t using the service according to an article written by the new york times. Another 3 billion do not use
the internet at home or on their phones, and in some of the world’s most populated countries, including pakistan, bangladesh and nigeria. A majority
of people are not online. If you then factor in another 15 of the global population who are under the age of 10, making them too young to use social
media at all, then pile on the hordes of people who have made a deliberate effort to boycott social media altogether

It explains how zuckerberg is working to literally provide the entire third world with the internet, because it’s now the only way that meta can
reach new people connecting the entire world, wouldn’t actually literally be possible unless everybody in the world were on the internet. So
zuckerberg has decided to make sure everybody is. This sounds like the kind of thing you say: you’re gon na do, but never actually do, but zuckerberg
is doing it. He is in chandori today on a campaign to make sure that actually, literally, every single human being on earth has an internet connection

Is it selfish for zuckerberg to connect the entire world to the internet just so he can get more people onto facebook and instagram, or is it a win-
win situation for everyone? That’S an ethical conundrum for you to consider. However, this might not even be the main problem as meta isn’t only
running out of new people to introduce the services to, but those who are currently active on the services are departing in droves, somewhat
hilariously facebook has lost 1 or 30 million of its users. To that pesky little thing known as death and with 12.1 percent of facebook‘s user base
being over the age of 55, this number will inevitably increase as time progresses. Yet facebook should probably be less worried about the boomers and
a little more concerned about the zoomers as facebook‘s biggest loss in user count stems from the younger generation back in 2018. Facebook
demographics began to follow a very interesting trend

One year later, in 2019, another piece of data was published, supporting a similar trend only to a more severe degree. There was a slight increase
from the oldies, barely any change for the middle age crowd and again, a massive 17 decline in only two years for those using facebook under the age
of 34.. After seeing this data, it’s no surprise that facebook has also earned the title of a social media’s retirement home. It’S definitely
developed a reputation as a platform mainly used by the older generation

This might also account for why it’s become such a trend for young people to hate on facebook who the hell uses. Facebook anymore is, without a doubt
something you’ve heard from a friend or your favorite large influencer, and it seems as though this attitude is doing serious damage to the platform
as when looking at the most recent data for how many youngsters are using the platform in 2022, The numbers begin to get scary when u.s teens were
surveyed in 2014 to 2015 71 said that they used facebook at all. However, over the last seven years, this number has more than half to only 32
recently representing the biggest decline out of any social media platform, and when looking a little closer at the graph displayed on screen, the
reason becomes pretty damn obvious competition

There are now well over five strongly positioned social media platforms to endlessly scroll through and it isn’t sustainable for our minds to
compartmentalize nor prioritize our relationship with all of them. For the sake of time and sanity, people have to eliminate platforms that begin to
lack a value-add incentive. Facebook, which teens often associate with their parents, has little to offer gen z, zuckerberg himself even echoed this
sentiment when meta stock price began to decline seven months ago. He stated that they were facing unprecedented levels of competition and that people
have a lot of choices for how they want to spend their time and apps like tick

We can see that the gen z, big four social media platforms, a snapchat at number, four instagram at number, three tick tock at number, two and
youtube way out in front with over 95 of us teens using it. When examining each of these big four platforms, the value they add or the edge that they
have is obvious, youtube long form, video tick, tock short form, video, instagram images and photography, snapchat photo messaging. Even twitter has a
discernible edge as a platform for those who want to follow politics and the celebrity world. However, when looking at facebook, the value it adds or
the edge that it has isn’t all that obvious, the general vibe that facebook gives is that it’s a watered-down weaker version of the four most popular
apps combined and it’s diversified to the point where, rather than being Strong in one area, it’s just kind of weak in all areas

Seven months ago, zuckerberg announced that their focus was going to be on short form video. But it’s obvious that the facebook algorithm is poor in
comparison to youtube and tick. Tock. And what’s the point in going on facebook to see your friends photos when they’re posted to instagram anyway,
facebook definitely has a bit of an edge with messenger, but this is still in very close competition with snapchat, instagram, twitter and good old-
fashioned text message

He understands that facebook‘s edge lies in providing the best circumstances for online social interaction and if zuckerberg can pull it off in a
way, that’s interesting, accessible to everyone and not cringy. It sounds like a pretty cool concept, despite the online metaverse hate train.
Additionally, the metaverse is theoretically a product that will appeal to the younger audience who are departing facebook in droves, in an article
written by forbes. This was highlighted as the main reason behind the metaverse’s development

We’Re retooling our team to make young adults our north star. He said on last week’s wall street conference call. The other thing that zuckerberg
seems to have going from is that, as highlighted by the previous data, it seems as though many of facebook‘s young former users are simply migrating
to his other product instagram, which is clearly not in the same dire straits that facebook is in. However, it’s not like instagram hasn’t been
without complaints

Why is instagram changed? The app looks different and users hate it june 2022. Why is everyone saying? Instagram is rubbish now and what’s tick? Tock
got to do with it july 2022. All of these articles touch on the exact same current complaint about instagram, it’s drifting away from its roots in an
attempt to become tick-tock, it used to be a place for pictures of food travel, maybe short, videos and stories. Like facebook, your instagram feed
was mostly filled with people, you know, or brands or influences you chose to follow. That’S all changed. Now, though it seems, instagram is trying to
be tick-tock as a result of these drastic changes to the platform

I just want to say cute photos of my friends sincerely everyone. However, it’s not like celebrities have been the only ones to notice such changes.
If i really wanted another tick tock on my phone, i would have downloaded tick tock. What’S up with the instagram feed

Lmao. This new instagram immersive feed has got to be one of the worst updates to an app. I have ever seen lol in a split second, my instagram turned
into tiktok, with my mostly photography fee. Turning into video, i love tiktok for what it is, but this is they’ve ruined instagram

The article stated instagram users, cumulatively, are spending 17.6 million hours a day watching reels less than one-tenth of the 197.8 million
hours. Tick-Tock users spend each day on that platform. Real’S engagement had been falling down 13.6 percent over the previous four weeks and that
most reels users have no engagement whatsoever when referring back to instagram’s quarterly revenue chart. These negative changes seem to reflect in
the flatline scene over the last 12 months is instagram running into the same problem as facebook trying to compete with everything whilst losing
their edge in the process


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-mAyu5RruU

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